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VSAT Systems

VSAT Systems is a bandwidth wholesaler and teleport operator founded in 2003 in Akron, Ohio by a team of IP professionals dedicated to providing its VIRs (Value Added Resellers), VNOs (Virtual Network Operators) and satellite internet dealers with the ability to provide high-speed internet access that lives up to its promises in terms of speed.

As a Tier 1 operator, VSAT Systems serves superior satellite internet service to business and residential customers living in even the most remote regions of North and Central America and the Caribbean from two geostationary satellites located in the western hemisphere. VSAT Systems is able to achieve this by adapting transmission control and internet protocols (TCP/IP) to the specific needs of satellite internet technology, employing a network of redundant components to ensure sustained connectivity and using world class hardware. Indeed, its 99.9992% system reliability makes VSAT Systems the best at what it does.

Giving Satellite Internet Technology the Attention it Deserves

Because satellite internet technology, as we know it today, was primarily developed by satellite television providers, it relies heavily on television broadcast technology to function. At the same time, internet technology was primarily developed for terrestrial internet services, where data packets only travel short distances, and the time it takes for sender and receiver to communicate information with one another, known as latency, is relatively unnoticeable to the user.

These disparate histories leave satellite internet technology in an awkward position in which it is, essentially, attempting to grow and express itself from within the hand-me-downs of other technologies. VSAT Systems is in the business of developing technology specifically tailored to the unique challenges that satellite internet technology faces so that it can fully realize its potential as a high speed internet provider.

Satellite in Space


Unlike most satellite internet services, VSAT System’s technology was built specifically for satellite internet service. Anyone who has attempted to use a VPN with satellite internet knows that one of its most glaring shortcomings is latency. While latency can feel like slow internet, it is more the product of network settings than internet speed. Terrestrial networks communicate in a linear, relay-style fashion in which the departure of one transmission is dependent on the arrival of another. VSAT Systems has addressed this issue by eliminating this requirement and dramatically decreasing the time it takes for the satellite to communicate with various hubs across the continent. Therefore, unlike most satellite internet providers, VSAT Systems can offer service that is able to accommodate virtual private networks.


VSAT Systems provides its VARs, VNOs and satellite internet dealers with a wealth of customizable support, designed to enable them to market and sell a truly superior satellite internet experience.


VSAT Systems takes its job, which is providing consistently high-speed internet connectivity at the speeds it advertises, very seriously. It does so by planning for the worst. Its systems are all backed up by other systems, which are backed up by other systems, and this network of redundancy ensures that, in the event of a power outage, equipment failure or even maintenance, your system will continue to be connected to the internet.


VSAT Systems will recommend the best iDirect modem based on your specific needs. Dishes range in size from .74m to 2.4m, and when it comes to performance, the larger the better. A larger dish is better able to support high speeds, greater throughput and overall better reception. VSAT Systems can also accommodate the mobile user with the same stellar performance.