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Skycasters, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, is a satellite internet provider that has offered high speed internet solutions to businesses operating beyond the reach of cable and wireline infrastructures throughout North and Central America, Hawaii and the Caribbean since 2001.

It employs three geostationary satellites to deliver its top-notch satellite internet service to commercial interests throughout the continent using its business-grade and company-owned infrastructure of teleports, hubs and network operating centers. Since Skycasters owns its own infrastructure, it can customize and engineer its satellite internet plan offerings in ways that no other provider can.


Skycasters is in the business of offering fast solutions to longstanding problems. All of its equipment is business-grade and powered by the award-winning VSAT Systems platform. It also anticipates outages and prevents loss of connectivity by having a redundant network of internet access points, so that your business will always be connected. Skycasters offers a range of service plans that range upward in price from $149 per month, feature download speeds of up to 6 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and meet a wide array of business needs.

In addition to the classic stationary setup, which includes a VSAT X3 modem, a 1.2m satellite dish, professional installation and ongoing support, Skycasters also offers turnkey solutions for mobile and portable enterprises. So whether you need internet access in your truck or you want to start up a mobile clinic to help deliver quality care to patients living in rural areas with limited internet access, Skycasters can help you achieve your goals.

Satellite in Space


Virtual private networks establish a secure connection between two or more computers across an otherwise unsecured, public internet connection. The encrypted data that travels back and forth must be encrypted and re-encrypted at each end, the process of which can slow down internet performance by up to 70 percent. Since VPNs are becoming increasingly popular in business, it is important that satellite internet providers overcome one of the largest hurdles that satellite internet technology faces: the 46,000 mile roundtrip data must travel in order to produce an action. Skycasters employs a number of performance-boosting technologies to mitigate the effects of latency on virtual private networks. The effects of latency are further mitigated from going beyond 500 milliseconds by the fact that Skycasters does not oversubscribe its network.

While Skycasters does not sell VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service directly, it does optimize your internet connection for the use of these services.


Skycasters also offers solutions for PTMPs. A point-to-multipoint system allows multiple users to access one Skycasters satellite dish at the same time. The architecture of each system is unique to the population, which may coexist inside a single building or be spread out within multiple structures along a mountainside. Whatever the layout, the users are joined together into a network that connects to a Skycasters satellite internet antenna. PTMPs are useful in a variety of settings where a terrestrial connection is either impossible or unwanted, from internet cafes to mountaintops to entire communities. In this model, individual users can also be identified and billed separately.

Customer Service

Skycasters likes to solve problems before they ever reach the end user. It employs a technical support team that works round the clock to ensure you are receiving the best that satellite internet has to offer. Even so, the team is available to troubleshoot or answer questions 24/7 should you need it.