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DISH Network, now simply known as DISH, has been offering subscription television service since 1995 under the EchoStar brand, when it successfully launched its first satellite.

DISH became its own entity in 2008, though EchoStar is still DISH’s primary technological partner. It didn’t take DISH long to begin receiving recognition as a satellite television provider. In 2010, DISH ranked number one among all cable and satellite providers in customer satisfaction. DISH’s constantly improving DVR technology started receiving recognition as early as 2006 and has continued to receive accolades ever since. Fortune Magazine even named DISH the World’s Most Admired Company in 2015. So what is all the fuss about?

The Hopper

Most of the conversation happens around the Hopper. The Hopper is DISH’s whole home DVR, and it is one of the largest capacity digital video recorders on the market. It is capable of recording up to a stunning eight shows at the same time, and its 2 TB hard drive can store up to 500 hours of HD programming, which is the equivalent of nearly three weeks of nonstop HD content. Say good-bye to the days of erasing old recordings to make room for new ones or having to negotiate with your family members about who gets to record what! With Hopper, every television in your home can record, rewind, pause and fast forward live television. And if that wasn’t enough, you can pause your show in one room and continue watching it in another.

PrimeTime Anytime, a feature that is exclusive to DISH and its Hopper, enables you and your family to automatically record every show on every local network (FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC) during evening primetime hours. Forgot to record the premier of Big Bang Theory? No worries. If your PrimeTime Anytime feature is enabled, the recording will be there waiting for you. Worried about content building up over time and hogging the space on your DVR? Hopper will automatically delete PrimeTime Anytime content eight days after it is recorded unless, of course, you tell it otherwise.

Satellite in Space

PrimeTime Anytime also comes with what Dish calls AutoHop, a feature that won DISH an award at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. When AutoHop is enabled, commercials in any PrimeTime Anytime recording are automatically “hopped” over without any action on your part. No remote, and more importantly, no fast-forwarding and then rewinding and then fast-forwarding again required!

The Joeys

If the Hopper is the brain of the operation, the Joeys are its loyal, and highly-trained, foot soldiers. The Joey receiver is what enables the Hopper’s functionality, hard drive, applications and lightning fast processing speed to be available throughout your home, delivering seamless, crystal clear programming wherever you want it to go.

DISH Hopper

The Joey comes in a few shapes, sizes and functionalities, depending on the needs of your household. The smallest of the three receivers in the DISH Hopper family is the Joey, and its size makes it a great choice for small spaces. The Super Joey, while slightly larger in size than the Joey, is larger in scope, adding two live feeds to the Hopper system. The Super Joey makes it possible to view and record up to eight live shows on your Hopper system possible.

The Wireless Joey is ideal for those areas in and around your home where you want to keep an abundance of wiring at a minimum, but it is also a great solution for areas that are not yet wired for television, like a garage, shed or basement. It can be installed up to 200 feet from the Hopper without the use of wires. The Wireless Joey is a much more affordable option than wiring your entire basement. Let Wireless Joey go where your wires don’t and do the work that you don’t want to.

Every receiver in the Hopper family has the same menu layout, so navigating the different menus is fast, easy and intuitive. Search by actor, title or subject, and instantly view what is currently playing and what is already stored on your DVR with those specifications.



DISH offers a variety of programming that is customizable to your needs on a variety of levels. You can choose from a variety of pricing structures as well as a range of programming options. Additionally, DISH offers one of the most extensive arrays of international packages on the market, with over 270 channels in 28 different languages.

DISH customers choose from a variety of unique offers, from 3-year price locks and free Netflix subscriptions to free HD for life and free premium channels, so whatever the needs and priorities of your household, DISH wants to meet them. In fact, with DISH, you don’t even need to confine yourself to your home!

Programming and Beyond

DISH had led and continues to lead the way in mobile applications for its television programming. Hopper with Sling allows the Hopper to “fling” live programming, recorded content and even On Demand shows and movies onto your properly enabled mobile device anywhere in the world at any time. Hopper with Sling comes preloaded with three different applications to support mobile use.

The DISH Anywhere application allows you to access all of your DVR recordings from anywhere. Can’t find anything you want to watch? The DISH Anywhere app also gives you access to On Demand content as well as live programming. Don’t have internet access where you are? Waiting for a friend in your car or sitting on an airplane? DISH Anywhere allows you to transfer your DVR recordings to the mobile device of your choice and view them offline. Forgot your mobile device at home? Go to the DISH Anywhere website on any computer connected to the internet and watch your programming there.

The DISH Explorer application allows you to use your iPad as a remote control. It also functions as a well-informed companion to your television viewing experience. It keeps you up-to-date on sports scores and popular television shows, makes recommendations for further viewing and interacts with Twitter and Facebook so you can stay in touch with a constantly evolving conversation. Hopper also comes preloaded with a variety of other applications, from gaming apps to Netflix to Pandora, to keep your having to switch devices and inputs as much as possible.