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Disclosure for Our Internet, Phone and TV Service Reviews

The FTC requires individuals and businesses to disclose any business interests we may have regarding any manufacturer of products or servcies that we review. None of our reviews are paid. We have not financial interest in any of the companies, products and services we review. We receive no compensation for the reviews you see at​

Regarding Links to Third Party Websites

Outbound links from​​ may link to a third party, independent authorized retailer, reseller or dealer of a product or service that we review. We may or may not receive financial compensation if you purchase a product or service at that site.

In order to give you the most unbiased product reviews possible, all of our reviews are conducted prior to establishing any kind of business or financial relationship with any aforementioned partner, reseller or dealer. We want you, the consumer, to have all objective information for your buying decision.

It's important that you know that the Federal Trade Commission has established these rules to govern our digital world today. As a consumer, it is imperative that you fully understand any relationships that may exist between a reviewer and a service provider or product manufacturer. A failure to disclose this policy by a reviewer may mean that entity is violating the law, or at the least, is not being honest and forthright as ethics would demand.

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