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DirecTV Packages - A History of Innovation

Born from the legendary, technological prowess of Hughes Aircraft, and raised from infancy by a collaboration of Hughes Communications, Inc. and United States Satellite Broadcasting, DIRECTV was the name of the first high power, direct broadcast satellite system.

Over the decades, it evolved into the nationwide, digital satellite network of smaller, 18-inch satellite dishes that deliver crystal clear HD content to televisions across the country that we know today. DIRECTV grew beyond its beginnings to become a standalone satellite television provider in 2004 and began offering up to 100 high definition channels in 2007. Today, DIRECTV stands tall among television provider giants. It was ranked first in customer satisfaction in 2014, according to the 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index, and has outranked cable television providers in customer satisfaction ever since.

Technology That Works for You

Like its predecessors, DIRECTV is always looking forward to the trends of the future and was one of the first television providers to offer its customers High Definition content. It currently offers over 200 channels in HD. Staying true to its visionary roots, DIRECTV is now offering content in 4K Ultra HD, making it one of the first onto the panoramic field. Indeed, it has even built a digital video recording service to go along with it!

In addition to the stunning clarity of its channel lineup, DIRECTV also features Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, so you really will feel like you are sitting in a movie theater. Worried about the service going out in bad weather? Satellite technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades, and DIRECTV customers have noticed. 99.9% of DIRECTV customers report having a reliable and consistent signal, so don’t worry about your service going out in the rain or the snow outside finding its way onto your television screen!

Satellite in Space


The Genie, DIRECTV’s solution to a whole home DVR, is one of the best digital video recorders on the market. With Genie, you can enjoy a full HD experience on every television in your home. You can record up to 200 hours of HD programming or up to 800 hours of SD programming on its 1 TB hard drive, which means you will never have to delete another video recording to make room for another one again!

Satellite in Space

With Genie, you can record multiple shows, up to five at the same time, pause, fast forward, rewind and delete … from any room in your house! Getting tired of the living room? Pick up where you left off in another room. Caught up on The Walking Dead and left wondering what to watch next? Genie is both intuitive and knowledgeable, and she will make a recommendation for you based on what you have previously watched, without your even asking.

Genie Go

DIRECTV Genie Go allows you to watch your recorded DVR content even when you’re not at home. You can download your recorded shows and movies directly from your DVR to the small, portable device and watch them anywhere, anytime, whether you have internet access or not. Travel a lot? Genie Go can hold up to 20 hours of content and is a great companion on airplanes and road trips. It can also connect to any Wi-Fi network so that you can stream your shows without having to download them.

Genie Wireless

If you don’t want to see any boxes at all in your home, DIRECTV comes in both black and “invisible”! The Wireless Genie channels images and sound to every television in your home from a network of Mini Genies, all of which can be hidden from view and come with their own RF remote (radio frequency remote control), so that even walls won’t come between you and your DIRECTV experience! Genie Wireless is also great for those areas in your home that may not be wired for television. Want television in your workshop, hook up Genie Wireless.

Programming That Works With You

The best technology in the world is worthless without a good reason to use it, or in the case of DIRECTV, a good reason to watch it, and DIRECTV brings you the best of the best.

DIRECTV is the only television provider that can bring every single NFL game in the country into the comfort of your home. DIRECTV is the exclusive provider of NFL Sunday Ticket, an out-of-market sports package that broadcasts NFL regular season games that local affiliates do not. Moved away from your hometown to a city that doesn’t broadcast its football games locally? You can still watch your home team’s games live in HD on NFL Sunday Ticket, which may not be quite as good as being there, but is definitely the next best thing! And just because DIRECTV is the only place where you can get NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t stop it from giving you this programming, a $250 value, for FREE for the first season! (minimum programming required) DIRECTV offers a wide selection of packages so that any kind of user can enjoy one of the world’s best television experiences. Packages range upwards in price from as low as $19.99 per month.

Packages offer selections from over 300 channels, over 200 of which are available in HD. And no matter which package you select, you will receive three months of HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax, a $150 value, at no cost to you! DIRECTV also offers generous discounts to its new customers, up to $47 per month! And DIRECTV’s recent partnership with AT&T means that, if you are or want to become an AT&T customer, you can earn even more discounts and rewards. Be sure to ask one of our sales agents about these promotions.

Live in your home away from home or speak multiple languages? DIRECTV offers an extensive collection of international packages, from Filipino to Russian programming, so whether you are studying abroad or wanting to brush up on your Spanish, DIRECTV can accommodate your needs.

A Future That Bodes Well For You

DIRECTV’s recent partnership with AT&T makes a great service even greater. Discounts on your DIRECTV service as well as your AT&T cell phone service make bundling the two an option worth considering. Want more than one great service? Get two working together! Call us today to find out how much you could be saving!